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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Hijab Sparkle Stall at Wellington Masjid Open Day.

The Hijab Sparkle Stall.

Salam everyone!  A few weeks ago I set up all the goodies from the Hijab Sparkle blog on a stall, at the Wellington Masjid Open Day.  The Open Day was being held as a part of New Zealand Islamic Awareness Week.  Alhamdulilah it was a great day, and it was so nice to see all my friends, as well as meet some new ones. This is the Masjid where I converted to Islam, and it holds some lovely memories for me...but I haven't been there for a while as we have moved a little further away, and I am homeschooling my three small children, so it's a bit hard to find the time to get there as regularly as I used to.

 There were many non-Muslims there, learning about Islam and meeting the Muslims from their community.  For those of you who haven't been to the Wellington Masjid in Kilbirnie, it is a large building, Masha Allah, with two levels.  The upstairs level is the main prayer area, as well as some large rooms.  In the large rooms there were many beautifully set up information displays and activities relating to Islam, for the public to view.  There were many people involved in setting up these displays, and they stayed there until very late the night before to help.  May Allah SWT reward them all for their hard work.

On the downstairs level (known as 'the basement' to most people!) there were Muslims selling all types of amazing food, as well as others selling their own hand made goods and other items from around the world.  Again, this was set up and organised by a truly dedicated group of people, may Allah reward them.  Masha Allah I am always so impressed by the amount of skill people in our community have of producing such wonderful goods...whether it be food, crafts, soap, etc.  I am sure that if all the Muslims lived in a little village, we would just about have everything we need!

Oh...and I almost forgot...there was a free BOUNCY CASTLE!! And free candy floss, and free face painting!! For most of the kids I'm sure that would be the only things they would remember hehe.  For the ladies, there was free henna, which is always very popular.

Close up of the Hijab Sparkle table.  
Alhamdulilah it was a successful day for Hijab Sparkle.  I made a few new customers and gave my business card to as many people as I could.  One of the difficult things about selling online is that you have to let people know that you are out there.  As well as this, many people like to know who they are buying from, so it is a good idea to get out and show people the face behind the name!  

More goodies :)

One of the main bonuses of setting up a stall at the Open Day is that people have the opportunity to talk to you about Islam. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos I have posted of the Hijab Sparkle stall.  If you look carefully you may see some new products which I made especially for the day (I was up all night on my sewing machine to get them finished the night before!) I will be posting these on my website very soon, so stay tuned!

By the way, the best way to stay tuned to new goodies at Hijab Sparkle, as well as competitions and promotions, is to join the Hijab Sparkle Facebook page, and subscribe to this blog by hitting the 'JOIN THIS SITE' button on the left :)

Salam :)

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