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Monday, 9 September 2013

A Special Gift For a Special Person.

Choose to send my email or regular mail.  Easy and convenient!
I am excited to announce the new 'HIJAB SPARKLE GIFT VOUCHER'.  Support a handmade, homemade Muslim business by giving one of these to someone special.

Gift vouchers are great if you need a gift quickly (it can be sent by email within 24 hours), or can't think what to get for someone.  The recipient can choose whatever they like from the  many items available in the Hijab Sparkle online shop!  All they need to do is tell me their name, and the voucher number.

To purchase a gift voucher, contact me and let me know the 4 details below. After you have made your purchase, I will send the voucher to the recipient of your choice:

Let me know the following:
1.  Who you want to send it to (first and last name)
2.  How many New Zealand dollars you want the voucher to be worth (any amount, it's up to you!)
3.  The person the gift voucher is from (you can write a name, or 'a friend' if you wish)
4.  Whether you want me to send the voucher digitally (by email within 24 hours - shipping is free of course!) or by regular post.  If I send it by regular post, the voucher will be printed on quality card and placed in a nice envelope. Please make sure you tell me the person's correct address, and leave plenty of time for the voucher to get to the recipient on time.*

*Regular post in New Zealand will cost 70cents (NZD) or if you would like to send by economy international post,  it will cost $2.50 NZD.  If you would like it sent by registered or any other types of post, just let me know and I will tell you the current shipping prices.  The shipping prices I have stated may change depending on the postage prices here in New Zealand, but this is gives you a general idea.
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