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Friday, 13 September 2013

Attend the Ladies' Night and Win Free Prizes!

Please note:  The date of this event is on Sunday the 22nd of September (not the 15th as originally written) sorry there was a bit of a mix up of communications :-/  Hope to see you all on the 22nd insha Allah :)

The Marrakech Cafe in Wellington, NZ,  have been holding a regular 'Ladies' Night' , about once a month for quite a few months now.  Sr Zahra, who is the wife of the Moroccan head chef, brother Abdulghani, organises the event and sends the word around to let us know when the next night will be.  I have wanted to go for quite some time and haven't had the chance, but this week I have booked myself a seat...this Sunday, insha Allah!
Chef Abdelghani special collection of preserves and spices

I'm so excited, as a halal meal at the Marrakech Cafe is a really special treat.  To celebrate, I am going to take along over $150 worth of  Hijab Sparkle goodies, to give away as prizes for those who attend.  There will be lots of jewellery, gift vouchers, and other surprises.  I'm feeling generous, so there will be plenty of chances to win.

Everyone who attends will be given tickets at the door which have a number on each one.  Throughout the evening, many names will be drawn, and those people will win the prizes.  People who sign up for my newsletter will get extra tickets, and will also go in the running to win a handmade Muslim doll.

Ways to get more prize tickets (and have more of a chance of winning)
*  Say 'Hijab Sparkle sent me' when you email sister Zahra (contact details below)
*  Share the link to this post on your Facebook page (then let me know that you have shared it)

*  Sign up for the Hijab Sparkle Newsletter on the night
*  Just turn up! You will get a ticket as you walk in.


So apart from amazing Moroccan cuisine, a chance to see old friends and make new ones, and having a lovely time relaxing on a Sunday night, you can win prizes as well! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me :)

Here are all the details:
Please let Sister Zahra know you would like to come in advance if possible.  You can contact her through the website here. Just make sure you mention that it is for the 'Ladies Night' this Sunday.  
Don't forget, if you say 'Hijab Sparkle sent me' in the email, I will give you an extra prize ticket on the night!

Where:  The Marrakech Cafe, 305 Evans Bay Pde, Hataitai, Wellington New Zealand, 6021.
When: Sunday night, 22nd of September, 2013
Time: 6pm
Cost:  $30 each for ladies, older children are welcome.  Cost for older children is $15 each.

Please pay in advance to book your seat/s.  For more details about how to purchase seat tickets, please contact sister Zahra.

Hope to see you there! By the way, it isn't only for Muslim ladies, so please bring your non-Muslim friends as well :)


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