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Sunday, 8 September 2013

How to make your own necklace display for a Jewellery Party.

Salam all! More jewellery display ideas for the planned jewellery party, insha Allah...take a wooden 'nick nack' display (or collectable display) and make it into a necklace showcase!  I picked this little beauty up at a second hand shop (where else do you get all the cool stuff?!).  It is particularly nifty, as it is house shaped.  I used pieces of foam board (aka craft board) and cut it to size, with a little notch cut out at the top so I can get them out easily and change the necklaces around.  I covered them with scrapbooking paper, using two different designs just to make things interesting.  I then put a couple of V-shaped grooves at the top, in the places where the necklace chain hangs, to keep it in place.  Don't buy ANYTHING new...recycle, and make it yourself.  It is so much more fun!  Now...what should I do with that space in the roof section...any ideas?

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