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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Host Your Own Hijab Sparkle Party!

Assalamu Alaikum Sisters.
Do you live in Wellington?  Why not host a Hijab Sparkle Party at the venue of your choice, and  be rewarded for your efforts by getting loads of free Hijab Sparkle goodies!  Parties can be adapted to suit women, or children. You get rewards for hosting the party, and if the party is a success, you will get even more surprises. There will even be prizes and give-aways for the guests!

All you have to do is invite all your friends and provide the food that you want, or easier still, get your friends to bring a plate of food each.  Decorate your home for the occasion if you wish, especially if the party is for an Islamic celebration such as Eid.  Please note that I do not attend functions related to non-Muslim celebrations (eg: birthdays, christmas, halloween, easter, etc).
All I need is a table, and sometimes I may  need an electricity outlet for lighting the products.  I will set up everything else.  I will even provide you with invitations to give to your friends in person, or to send online.    Sound like fun? Contact me for more details.  
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