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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Positive Reward Stickers for Muslim Kids!

Now available from Hijab Sparkle...positive reward stickers specially made for Muslim kids! I designed these to use with my own children, in our own little homeschool, and thought others might enjoy using them too.  Great for school, homeschool, playgroups, kindergartens, parents, or as a fun gift for your friends. These are printed professionally on matt paper with beautiful colours.

There are four designs available.  Each packet contains 9 stickers of one design.  Each packet is only $1, so it will be easy to collect them all.

Choose from:
Design#1: Masha Allah Neat Work (big pencil)
Design#2: Masha Allah Beautiful Work (Happy sunflower)
Design#3: Masha Allah Beautiful Work (Pink Butterfly)
Design#4: I Love My Hijab

Please like and share with your friends :) Have a great day!
salam from

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