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Monday, 29 April 2013

Custom Made Original Jewellery - Matching Set.

A matching set of jewellery I just finished making for a customer.

A close-up of the bracelet I just finished making, featured in the matching set above.  A bracelet this similar to this would be around $20 to $25 depending on the design.

Salam All!
Did you know that here at Hijab Sparkle, I can custom make jewellery just for you?
The great thing about jewellery design is that you can make any piece of jewellery exactly how the customer wants it.  It can be made to match a particular outfit, it can be very elaborate, or simple and sweet.  Here is an example of a matching set I just finished making for a sister here in New Zealand. The sister chose the Indian style necklace I had already made as part of my collection, and wanted some jewellery to match, so I set to work and made a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  Alhamdulilah I think the bracelet turned out really lovely.  I have a big collection of mixed beads on my table that I am always trying to find uses for.  It has all sorts of treasures...frosted glass, crystal, gold and silver bali beads, natural gemstones, seed beads, wooden beads, etc.   I sorted through my collection and found anything along the lines of green, blue, or gold, so that the bracelet would match the beautiful emerald green of the necklace.  In the end the bracelet had four strands of beautiful colours, and a great variety of shapes and textures, all intertwined together.  It is finished off with a dangle featuring  a deep blue handmade lamp-work glass bead.  The bracelet should fit any wrist size, as it has a chain at the end, where you can fasten the parrot clasp anywhere you want.

If you are interested in having jewellery custom made for you, or as a present for a friend, feel free to contact me and let me know.You can also private message me on Facebook. You can also take advantage of the free shipping for jewellery orders over $50 in New Zealand.  Each piece is hand made, original, and therefore no two pieces will be exactly the same.

Have a great day, insha Allah!
salam from

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