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Sunday, 7 October 2012

All Ready To Sew! Four New Muslim Boy Dolls.

Four new Muslim boy dolls waiting to be finished.

Please note:  This article is a slightly older blog post, therefore some of the information and prices of the items featured here may have changed since I wrote it.  For more updated information about the Muslim dolls, please refer to the Muslim Doll page. Thank you.


Who stays up until 3am sewing on eyes and hair? Yes, you guessed it, I do!! (Yes, crazy I know...I'm paying for it now, I can tell you.)  But alhamdulilah now I have 5 more Muslim boy dolls all ready to get started with. Insha Allah one will be made up for a little Muslim brother in Wellington.  The rest are going to be put on my blog for sale.  If you would like to order one with a particular hair or eye colour please let me know.  Alhamdulilah these seem to be getting snapped up rather quickly, which is why I have a few at once this time. I can also decorate his clothes with  your choice of ribbon colour (I have red, blue, fluro green, dark green, black, or brown.)

Insha Allah on my next trip to the sewing supplies shop I aim to get some different shades of calico for the skin colour.  When I go to the masjid I see my brothers and sisters who are all lovely different complexions (like me, for instance...pasty pink and white hehe).  Not that I really notice anymore,'s much nicer to notice a person's heart, isn't it?

By the way there is still one Muslimah doll left, waiting for an owner.  Here she is...very cute, with flowers and hearts.
You can read more about the handmade Muslim Dolls here.

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Salam,  from

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