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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The New Niqabi Doll! All Finished and Waiting to be Collected.

Meet the new Niqabi Muslim doll, handmade by Hijab Sparkle!
Please note:  This article is a slightly older blog post, therefore some of the information and prices of the items featured here may have changed since I wrote it.  For more updated information about the Muslim dolls, please refer to the Muslim Doll page. Thank you.

Assalamu alaikum all!

Insha Allah I hope you all had a lovely Eidul Adha. Alhamdulilah we made it to the Eid prayer at 8am at our local masjid (always an achievement for us with 3 small children, as I'm sure many of you understand ) and then had a barbeque the next day as the weather has been great lately alhamdulilah.  On the Sunday after Eid I took my two eldest children to the model train exhibition which we all really enjoyed.  My 4 year old son, in particular, was so excited when he realised exactly what a model train exhibition really was when we arrived there, I have never seen him so happy. He was literally spinning with excitement!

 Living in a non-Muslim country here in New Zealand,  and not having any public holidays for Eid, we sort of have to break our Eid up to fit in the weekends.  So this weekend Eid activities will continue here in Wellington, with get-togethers and community Eid events planned, insha Allah.
This photo shows the size of the doll in
comparison to my 6 year old daughter, the photos!  A friend of mine, a Muslim sister from New Zealand who is now living in Saudi,  asked me to make her a 'Niqabi' doll wearing Saudi-style dress, and this is what I came up with, alhamdulilah.  She loves wearing iqab herself, so this doll is just perfect for her.

This little cutie was a lot of fun to make.  She has a long black abaya with silver and white lace trims, and long black matching pants underneath.  Everything, including the shoes, scarf and niqab, is stitched on securely, so that insha Allah the clothes will never get lost and the doll always looks generally at its best.  With every doll I have been carefully re-designing and changing different aspects to make it safe and strong for all children to play with.  I have changed the eyes from buttons to small circles of black felt which have been stitched on with very strong thread.

This doll features a beautifully detailed black abaya, with a silver wave motif trim down the centre, finished off with a tiny pom pom trim at the sides.  It has a delicate lace trim accented with a narrow cream coloured ribbon and tiny bows.  There are also rainbow coloured silver sequins around the ends of the sleeves.

Closeup of the detailed trim decoation
on the front of the abaya.
Closeup of the shoes and pants.
Click for a larger photo.
This doll is a little more expensive than previous dolls, because it has quite a bit of detail, and some expensive trims included, as well as the extra time involved in making it.  If you would like to order a doll the same as this one, it will cost $45.  This is still very cheap compared to many of the other Muslim hijab dolls available, which are often mass produced and not made by hand.  Each one of the dolls pictured on Hijab Sparkle are completely hand designed and hand made by me.  If you would like this doll with different coloured abaya or trims, I can also do that for you if you wish.

I have been getting more requests like this one, for Muslim hijab dolls wearing clothes from a range of different countries.  Subscribe to my blog and facebook page so that you don't miss out on seeing the new designs.  Some which are coming soon include dolls with Yemen hijab clothes, and Somali hijab clothes.  My  friend in Saudi has also asked me to make a Saudi Muslim boy doll, which I am working on now.  If you would like a doll wearing a particular type of hijab style, please let me know and I will see what I can do.  If you email me a photo of what you are looking for, that will help give me an idea.

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas, and I would love to see your comments about the dolls in the comments below or on the Hijab Sparkle facebook page.  You can also read more about the dolls and see more photos of different designs here.

Salam for now,

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