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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Say 'Salam' to the Arab Style Muslim Boy Doll.

Please note:  This article is a slightly older blog post, therefore some of the information and prices of the items featured here may have changed since I wrote it.  For more updated information about the Muslim dolls, please refer to the Muslim Doll page. Thank you.

Assalamu alaikum all,

Ahamdulilah I have just finished the latest doll design and took advantage of the amazing weather we are having, to snap some photos outside with the kids.  This doll has been made with Arab style clothes.  He looks as though he is all dressed and ready to attend Jummah.  This little Muslim brother comes complete with Arab-style head dress (eghal and ghotra), a beautifully embroidered white thobe with matching long white pants, and he even has cute little brown sandals for the hot weather :).  He can also be purchased as part of a matching set, with the niqabi doll shown in the photos below.  They have both been made as an order for a Muslim sister friend of mine who lives in Saudi (salam sis!) , but anyone can order these if they like them.  Each doll is $45.  If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me and place an order, with your general location details.  I will then let you know the shipping cost and other information.

Let's go for a swing!

Enjoying the roses...subhanAllah!

Relaxing in the garden.  Who's for a spot of Arabian coffee?

Detail showing the Eghal

Those cute little sandals...perfect for the hot weather!

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